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Sponsorship Opportunities

Investing in your association is a sound investment for your business and the future of this industry. 

At IWPA, we use your membership dues to support a variety of functions - member services and benefits, member education, advocacy, events, consumer promotion and more. Everything we do is based on the core mission statement to build acceptance and demand in North America for globally sourced wood products from sustainably managed forests. 
Sponsorship allows us to go above and beyond, creating extra value for your company, while addressing timely issues and needs. We sincerely thank you, our members, for believing in these extra projects and advocacy. You can help by donating to any of the following:

Convention Sponsorship
Your sponsorship allows you to leverage your sponsor dollars not only at the event, but in IWPA’s marketing channels. When it comes to event sponsorship, it’s the quality of the brand impressions, not the quantity, that matters. Commit as a sponsor to this premier international wood event and you’ll receive the kind of ROI that advertisers hope for. 

Special Projects Sponsorship

Sometimes a special project comes up that no one planned for but you, our members, need it addressed in a timely manner. These funds allow us to research, educate and advocate on behalf of our members. 

When it comes to lobbying for the best interests of the imported wood industry, we are passionate about doing all we can. The  to help you succeed in your business by communicating with policymakers and elected officials influencing