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Social Responsibility

Trees are an amazing renewable resource. By supporting legal and sustainable harvesting of international wood products, you are supporting well-managed forests and local economies throughout the world. Some specific highlights of how this is actually working from around the globe:  


Fostering Responsible Sourcing Through The Borneo Initiative

IWPA remains committed to building demand in North America for responsibly sourced wood products from around the world. This mission helps to maintain the health of global forests by sending clear market signals about their worth as forests and helping to prevent clearing for conversion to agriculture or other uses. IWPA Associate Member The Borneo Initiative (TBI) shares this dedication to responsible sourcing, and works to promote the use of sustainable wood products from Indonesian producers and assists producers as they work towards Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

Sustainable Forest Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

The practice of "doing it right" presents a tremendous opportunity for the imported wood products industry because there are great stories to tell. There are industry leaders who "do it right" for their customers and overseas suppliers every day. These companies are practitioners of Corporate Social Responsibility. Read some of their stories in the article "Do It Right," along with a Q&A on the importance of international trade in wood products for developing countries.

Designing for Good, Creating Impact Where it Counts

Imported wood species can meet or exceed any design requirement, but it is a choice that has positive impacts far beyond wood. IWPA offers resources on Lesser Known Species that help promote sustainable forest management by reducing pressure on high demand species.