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Formal Name: Ocotea Rodiaei













Special thanks to Timber Holdings - Ironwoods for the photos used on this page.










The heartwood is a pale olive green color with dark streaks reddish brown and darkens upon exposure. The sapwood is not distinctive from the heartwood and is usually a yellowish green color. 


Grain: The grain is straight grained to interlocked grained. 



Workability: Easy to work with machine tools, although its density results in a dulling effect on cutting tools. Preboring is recommended for good nail and screw holding. Also has good gluing properties. Turns well and can be used in steam-bending with good success. Finishes to a fine, smooth surface. Staining is rarely necessary.

Physical Properties: Texture is fine to medium and uniform. This species is very high density, resulting in a very hard wood. It has a very high shock resistance, excellent crushing strength and a high density. It is a durable wood and suitable for exterior use, even untreated. It is highly resistant to decay, termites, fire and marine organisms. Greenheart is available in very large sizes and long lengths.   
Uses: pool cues and other turnings, marine construction (piling, piers, decking, bridges, wharves and harbor works), as well as general construction (flooring, handrails, joinery, crane mats, railroad cross-ties). It is also used in boat building. 


Origin: Central America and Latin America.




3 out of 4
Nailing 2 out of 4
Screwing 2 out of 4
3 out of 4
Finishing 4 out of 4