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Why Join?

International Wood Products Association enjoys the membership and support of hundreds of businesses involved in the global wood products trade.  From suppliers to importers, distributors, manufacturers, and retailers, IWPA offers critical information and services that help support their business.  Service providers (insurers, ports, customs brokers, law firms, certification bodies) also gain valuable industry information and connection from IWPA membership.   Through IWPA membership, Voting, Associate and Overseas Members gain access to the community of fellow members, a voice in Washington, D.C. and many programs, services and products specifically tailored to our industry.

A partnership between a strong wood products industry and sustainable forests are the best solution to secure a healthy future. IWPA provides the timely information and tools you require to ensure a bright tomorrow.

Become part of a growing network of businesses dedicated to the imported wood products industry. Members of the International Wood Products Association include companies and organizations worldwide which are involved in the many activities required to produce and import a wood product into the United States. Click here to see annual membership price breakdown.


What Your Dues Support

Protect Your Ability to Conduct Business: IWPA helps keep the U.S. market open for globally-sourced wood products through legislative and regulatory advocacy. IWPA is your staff in DC fighting for your business.

IWPA's CURE Program:  For over a decade, CURE's number one priority has been to inform the public about the very positive role commercial forestry has in helping to preserve the future of the world's forests.

Grow Your Business: IWPA exists to help expand the market for globally-sourced wood products.  We help companies stay competitive in this rapidly changing trade environment by getting critical information to you as soon as possible so you can be ready for market shifts.  Membership is designed to help your business flourish and grow through education, information, networking, proven marketing tools, and advocacy.

In addition to advocacy, IWPA staff stands ready to work with contacts at federal agencies to prevent costly permit and port delays.

Click here to view this year's Annual Report.

Membership Categories - Join Online

Voting Members are companies located in North America that are actively engaged in the sale of imported wood products in the U.S., whether for their own account, as commissioned agents, or other similar sales capacity.

You should join IWPA as a Voting member if you are:


  • U.S. importers
  • Paneling processors
  • Manufacturers
  • Sales representatives
  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • Commissioned agents

Associate Members are companies and individuals, located in North America or worldwide, with interests allied to the industry, such as suppliers of services to the imported wood products industry.


You should join IWPA as an Associate member if you are:


  • Transportation companies
  • Customs brokers
  • Port authorities
  • Warehouse terminal operators
  • Custom kiln dryers
  • Insurance brokers
  • Consultant
  • Software providers
  • Law firms
  • Supply Chain Auditors
  • Third-Party Certifiers

Overseas Members are companies or organizations not based in North America which manufacture and/or export wood products to the United States, including both companies involved in the industry or those who provide services related to the industry.


Please join on online or complete and return the membership application to Mary Sáenz or fax 703-820-8550.