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International Wood Magazine and Buyers Guide
An annual IWPA publication highlighting the beauty and versatility of imported wood products. International Wood also offers an invaluable directory of industry suppliers—a key resource anyone involved in sourcing wood products. This annual guide serves as the industry “yellow pages”, providing valuable year-round sourcing information.

Publications & Standards

Claim Settlement Procedures for Indonesian Plywood & Veneer Sales to North America 

Developed and agreed upon jointly by IWPA and APKINDO (The Indonesian Wood Panel Association), these procedures provide guidelines for independent inspection and resolution of trade disputes in excess of $10,000. Last revised in 1997.

Procurement Standard for Imported Hardwood Plywood (IWPA-2011) 
The latest revision of this industry standard (June, 2011), “IWPA Grade,” includes thickness tolerances, and describes plywood graded and marked in thicknesses of 2.7 mm through 25 mm made from tropical hardwoods. The Standard contains quality criteria, provisions for packing, product marking, claims, and definitions. This standard is a consolidation of "IHPA-1997", and subsequent amendments in 1999 (species, packaging), 2004 (strapping), and 2010 (formaldehyde emissions requirements). This standard also includes a Chinese translation for the "Summary of Characteristics of Tropical Hardwood Face, Back and Core Veneer." Pdf format only (or duplicate copy). 36pp.

Please note that this was written prior to the recent EPA TSCA VI regulations were issued and does not reflect those substantial requirements. 

Product Standard for Imported Rotary Cut Wood Veneer and Platforms (IWPA-2010)

This  standard, adopted April 2010, describes the grades made from various wood species. The Standard contains quality criteria; provisions for packing; and definitions. It is intended for voluntary use by North American buyers, distributors, architects, and world suppliers of wood veneer products and platforms. Requirements are described for wood species; veneer types, grades and sizes; sanding; and finishing. A glossary of trade terms is provided for better communication and understanding, and provisions are included for crate and panel marking to indicate compliance with this Product Standard. 21 pp.

Lauan Doorskin Grading Rules

Voluntary grading rules for lauan doorskins jointly developed by IWPA, the Window and Door Manufactuers Association (Previously the National Woodwork Manufacturers Association) and TPMEA (Taiwan Plywood Manufacturers & Exporters Association).  8pp: Last revised, 1981.

Tropical Hardwood Machined Lumber Products Grading Rules

Standards jointly adopted by the IWPA Lumber Products Committee, The Malaysian Timber Industry Board, and the Malaysian Wood Moulding Council to establish quality levels for premium, standard and utility grades. Pdf only (or duplicate copies). 44pp. Last revised, 1987.

Packaging Standards for Imported Wood Products 

Consolidation of IWPA packaging standards encompassing panels, veneer, and lumber products imported into the U.S. Also outlines governmental requirements for ISPM 15 markings and requirements for solid wood packaging. 12pp. Pdf format only or duplicate copies.

Tropical Timber Species Imported in the United States

List developed in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). Includes common names with corresponding scientific name and area of origin. Developed to facilitate the flow of goods through U.S. ports. Pdf only (or duplicate copies), 15pp: