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The Lacey Act

The Lacey Act & You, are updates on one of the most important laws affecting the wood import industry. They were designed to give you a quick update on what the IWPA is doing to improve the effectiveness of the Lacey Act, what’s happening on Capitol Hill, and what the media and others are saying.

The law took center stage when Gibson Guitar was investigated. That media coverage has raised public awareness of Lacey’s shortcomings and has given Congress the opportunity and the motivation to improve the law by eliminating its unintended consequences.

To ensure that Congress amends the Lacey Act in ways that both protect law-abiding businesses and individuals and preserve the law’s integrity, IWPA formed a coalition of businesses, trade associations and non-profits to help lead the effort. We also mobilized our Special Projects account to develop a comprehensive media and communications strategy. 

Below are recent The Lacey Act & You bulletins:

The Lacey Act & You bulletins are published through our voluntary Special Projects Fund. S
upport IWPA’s Special Projects.


Special Projects

The Lacey Act & You bulletins are published through IWPA's voluntary Special Projects Fund. Please contact Cindy Squires for more information. Special Projects Contributors to date: 

  • Alan McIlvain Company
  • American Pacific Inc
  • Argo Fine Imports Inc.
  • Baillie Lumber Co.
  • Elizabeth Baldwin
  • Bridewell Resources
  • Brookside Veneers Ltd.
  • Columbia Forest Products
  • Holland SW International
  • IHLO Sales & Import Co
  • International Specialties Inc
  • John A. Steer Co.
  • Liberty Woods International
  • Newman Lumber Co.
  • Pollmeier Inc.
  • PRS Guitars
  • Robert Weed Plywood Corp.
  • South Jersey Port Corp.
  • Spartan Sources
  • Tradelink Wood Products
  • UCS Forest Group
  • VM International