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Inspired by Nature - Pear Coffee Table

Trees are one of nature’s most spectacular creations. They provide an organic, renewable palette of wood species in amazing colors. Craftspeople who work with exotic species are often inspired to seek more ways to interact with wood. The unique grain structure, color variations and performance characteristics of woods from around the globe are a powerful medium. Sometimes the simplicity of the material allows the creator to focus on design. In other cases the exotic wood expresses different relationships, from spatial geometry to the ways people interact with the environment. Each project in the Inspired by Nature series below tells a story. The designs reach beyond the application to engage, inform and inspire.

Chocolate Nouveau Leaf Hall Table | Pear Coffee Table


: Cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa), Cherry, Wenge (Millettia laurentii), Walnut (Juglans spp.)

CreatorMark S. Levin | Mark Levin Studio

Studio art furniture maker Mark S. Levin has created fine custom cabinets and furniture pieces since 1975. Levin draws his inspiration from the things in the world that move him. The pear coffee table rendered from solid wood is part of his fruit series, a collection that combines Levin’s passions for nature and woodworking.

“Woodworking moves me, prods me and intimidates me, there is still so much to learn. Much of my work is centered on nature’s small wonders: leaves, flowers, fruit, sea shells, nuts, etc. Mountains and oceans overwhelm, I don’t have a chance. An apple or walnut I can grasp in my hand; there’s that physical and visceral intimacy. They’re so perfect: shape, texture, color,” says Levin.

The pear coffee table measures about 16" tall x 30" long x 20" deep and is constructed of cherry and cocobolo. The wenge and walnut chocolate leaf table measures 31" tall x 55" long and 27" deep. “I like using solid wood for its intrinsic virility and sensuality. Solid wood maintains its dignity and beauty throughout,” says Levin.

The wood is only half the story though; it’s the design that brings that dignity and beauty to the dance. “I build furniture because I love the process from the first sketch to the hours of sanding,” says Levin. “Fortunately there are enough people that appreciate my work that I can build what I want, from fruit, leaf and flower furniture to the occasional vegetable.”

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